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1. The copyright to all graphics (unless otherwise stated) is held by me. None of the graphics on my pages are "public domain".


2. Graphics on my pages are free for PERSONAL use only. They may NOT be edited, placed in any collection, reprinted, reproduced, copied, sold, borrowed, or made into tubes, stamps, nozzles or brushes. They cannot be used to create other things that are sold (such as needlework patterns), without my written permission, or purchasing a license from me to do so.


3. Editing or "cutting out" portions of my work does NOT give you copyright to my work and does not mean you can redistribute it claiming the work as your own. It is, in fact, a violation of the above Term of Use. This is also not a form of "Fair Use."


4. I do offer stamps/tubes/clip art for your use in making your own non-commercial graphics and these you may use on sigtags and in web graphics. You may NOT redistribute them, including posting them on email lists, in tube groups or on your own webpage, include them in any gallery, collection or on any CD. You may NOT edit them and claim them as your own. Please provide a link to my site and allow people to download my items for themselves so they also understand my Terms of Use.


5. You may use my Poser renders for desktop wallpapers, but may NOT edit them (including cutting out portions or tubing them) or include them in any other galleries, offer them for download from your webpage or include them on any CDs or collections for sale without my express written permission.


6. You may NOT link directly (hot link) to graphics on my pages. This is bandwidth theft. I pay for my bandwidth to provide graphics on my site. I will not pay to provide graphics for your site as well. If I find that you have linked directly to graphics on my domain (and I will find out) I replace the graphic you have linked to with one stating that you are STEALING BANDWIDTH and everyone visiting your site will become aware of the fact that you are a thief.


7. If you wish to use any of my grahpics for commercial purposes, please contact me


8. A link back to my site is not required for use of my graphics, but again you may not claim them as your own. I do appreciate those who do take the time to link to my site or tell people where they got my graphics.


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