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On the following pages you will find stationery that can be used with Outlook Express.

To Download Stationery:

These files are all set up to self-extract and install themselves. Click on the one you want and select "Run this program from its current location". Click on OK and it will be extracted to the appropriate folder (c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\stationery).

You may also choose to save the file and after it has downloaded, double click on it to start the installation.

To Use Stationery:

Once you have downloaded and extracted the stationery, open your OE and pick the little arrow next to NEW MAIL.This will bring up a drop down menu. From the drop down menu, pick SELECT STATIONERY. This will bring up a window which will show all the stationery you have in your folder. Pick the stationery you wish to use and click OK.

A Note on Top Scrolling Stationery:

Top Scrolling stationery is put together AFTER you compose it. When you have the email open you will only see the background and not the entire graphic (the part that will scroll). Do not panic!! This is normal and it will show up correctly when you use it.














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