Poser Gallery


The pictures in this Gallery were made using a program called Poser 4.

I am very new to using Poser and am still learning how it works. I made this Gallery, in part, to be able to track my (hopeful) progress.

I have a credits page if you are interested in finding out where any components I used to make these pictures came from.

Please be sure to read my Terms of Use before saving anything from my Poser Gallery.


Click on the thumbnail to view each picture at full size.

Green Sea Dragon   Aspen   Aspen   Taylor

Goblin Christmas   Mouse Christmas   Bith  Aspen

Hummingbird Dinner   Butterfly with Daisies   Butterfly Spray   Special Friends

Rexlaxing on the Ride   Afternoon at Home   Get Her!   Afternoon in the Garden

Soon  Afternoon in the Garden II   Birdbath   Abby

A Night in the Forest   The Next Morning   The Big Day   Aspen


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