Animated Locket Tutorial



12 Go to the canvas where you have one heart, the duplicated hinge and the picture of the Papillon. Duplicate the heart so that you have 2 hearts there (the picture is hidden under them for now).

(NOTE: The screen shot shows 3 hearts because it didn't dawn on me that you could duplicate the one you do in the following step).


13 Select one of the hearts and then click on the Path Drawing Tool. Change the mode on the Attributes bar to 3 D Pipe, with a border of 3 and a depth of 30. Duplicate this as you will be using it again in just a minute




14 Now we are creating the inside left of the opened heart

Select the solid heart

Click on Material on the Attributes Bar

Change the density to 10% and click on OK



15 Select the 3D Pipe outlined heart and the flat 10% one you just made and center/align them one over the other





17 1. Select that 3 D pipe heart outline that you duplicated a minute ago.

2. Align it over the cutout picture of the Papillon until your canvas looks like this screen shot.




18 Select the spare copy of the hinge you have at the bottom of your canvas and place it between the two outlined hearts, then send it to the back





19 Let's group these objects now that we have them all lined up how we want them.

1. Click on your Easy Palette, Layer Manager and select all the objects that are in this screen shot, holding down the control button as you click on each one. Right click and then click on GROUP.

2. Click on the Selection Tool

3. Align Right

4. Align center Horizontally
*this is key so it will match the other one for the animation!


20 Now go back to your first canvas. It should contain nothing but the front of your heart locket with the hinge attached to it at the top.

Right click on it to copy it and then paste it back into your 2nd canvas, on top of the picture of the Papillon. The reason you are doing this is to make sure the hearts & especially the hinge location, line up ok.

Resize the bottom graphic (still grouped) until the heart is identical in size to the one on top. If the hinge needs moving, you will have to ungroup the bottom graphic.

This will take a little fiddling with. When you get it lined up, you can delete that heart you used on top to line them up.


21 Click on the Grid icon on the bottom right of your screen for this step in order to assist you in lining things up.

Select the graphic with the inside of the locket on the left and the dog picture on the right and then align it center and right as shown in the screen shot.




22 Go to your Easy Palette and click on the Layer Manager and group the entire object if it is not grouped and then click on the lock to hold it all in place







23 You now should have 2 canvasses on your screen that look similar to this one.

Save them each as .ufo files so that you can go back and change them if necessary.

Also save them as .gifs, naming the one with the picture, open.gif and the other one closed.gif




To Animate:
Open up Gif Animator and select the Animation Wizard.

Click on "Add Image" and add the files you just saved, closed.gif and open.gif.

Now click on next and then select "Photo Oriented" in the Source Type Box.

Hit next again and put in 170 for the Delay Time and create your animation.

You can click on preview to see what it looks like. Now click on optimize which will reduce the size of it a bit.

Lastly, click on file, save as, name the file and exit.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed making the animated locket. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions


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