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Eddie Locket


This tut can be done in any version of PhotoImpact, however I did it using PI 6 so the instructions will reflect that (uses transparent backgrounds). You will also need a GIF animator (I used Gif Animator 4.0).



Eddie Here is the picture of a Papillon that I used for this tutorial. You can right click on it to save to your hard drive or you can use one of your own.





1 Open a new image, click on the transparent button, make the dimensions 445X200

1. Select the Path Drawing Tool, Shape: Custom Shape and select the Heart

2. 3 D round

3. Border 15

4. Depth 30

I used Copper 1 in the materials folder for the example.
Draw the heart where it fills a little less than half of the space. You need to imagine a heart of equal size fitting there next to it and also leave room for the hinge


2 Leave the heart active and click on the Materials button on the Attribute Toolbar.

Click on BUMP and put a check in the bump map

Click on file, go to your pi materials directory and select bumpf026.jpg

1. Reflection is 100%

2. Leave both boxes unchecked

Now that you have the basic shape for the top of your locket created, you need to make a duplicate of this by holding down CTRL + D, giving you another work area.


3 Open the picture you are going to put inside of your locket.

Now, working in the newly created duplicate canvas, copy the heart and paste it into the picture you are using, so it looks like the dog is covered up.

1. Again, choose the Path Drawing Tool

2. Change where it says 3D round to read 3D Selection

The heart is now an outline and you can manipulate it to cover what you want but do not change the dimensions!

Right click on the outlined heart and choose COPY and then PASTE it into the empty space on the left.


4 Return to your 1st canvas, the one without the photograph and use the blank space to create your locket hinge.

1. Again, choose the Path Drawing Tool

2. Change where it says 3D selection to read 3D Round

3. Border 15

4. Depth 30

The custom shape you will use is the Plastic Tube and after you make it, rotate it to the right so is is standing on end.


5 Make sure the plastic tube (soon to be a hinge) is selected

1. Again, choose the Path Drawing Tool and change it to Path Edit, using the drop down arrow

2. At the top left of your screen, click on the Toggle button, changing your hinge to an outline





6 You will pull the top centered red handle inward, towards the middle and do the same with the bottom one. The effect you are trying ot achieve is for the ends to be straight across, and not rounded.





7 When you get the ends how you want them, click on toggle again and it will change back to 3 d round





8 Click on the Transform Tool and drag the edges of the hinge to resize it so it is in proportion to the locket







91. Click on the Pick Tool and drag the hinge into position on the upper left side of the heart

2. Click on Order and send the hinge backwards so of it is hidden behind the heart




10 Now, let's get the heart in the correct position as this is key when doing an animation.

1. Select the heart and click on Align Right on the Attributes Toolbar

2. Now, select align center horizontally.

3. Click on your Easy Palette

4. Group the hinge and the heart, and lock them into position



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