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The pictures in this Gallery are just a few of the projects I have made from various tutorials, experimenting and challenges from the PING group.

General PhotoImpact graphics.

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Turner Wreath   Turner Globe   Sally Globe   Sadie Dome

Sadie Tilt Frame   Sadie Tilt Frame 2   Pepe Dome   Naughty Dome

Maddy and Riley Tilt Frame   Maddy in Flowers   Lolly Locket   Joey Dome

Houdini Locket   Harley Locket   Divot Sketch   Divot Dome

Corky Framed  Corky and Fortune Globe   Corky, Sadie and Bandit Globe   Corky Dome

Betsy Domer   Corky Locket   Pepe Locket   Naughty Ornament


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