Poser Credits


The following are the credits (in no particular order) for the pictures shown in my Poser Gallery. I have made every effort to credit each item used. If you see something that you made that is not credited, please contact me and let me know.



Gazebo, Bird Cage, Table/Mirror, Rooms, Chairs -- SAMS3d

Short Hair Evolution, Kyoko Hair MK-3, Koz's Messy Hair -- Digital Babes

Bone Chair -- Andi3d

Stone Temple -- Richabri

Hair Textures -- Poserheaven

New Moon (Mystic Props), Magical Mushrooms, Sundial, Stone Bench, Bench Cover, Cemetary, Candle Christmas Tree, Pail, Shovel, Sand Castle, Corn Cob Pipe, Hay Bale -- RDNA Freebies

Dog Collar and Leash -- Poserworld

Patio Table and Chair -- Daz


Vista Internet Productions

Moose and Clouded Leopard



RDNA Hummingbird, RDNA Butterflies, RDNA Jungle Plants Vol. 3, RDNA The Grove Vol. 2, Transpond's Spring Floral Mega Pack, Transpond's Wildflower Pack 1, RDNA MicroCosm, Log Cabin, LaRoo2, LaFox, LaDress, LaRanger


Poser Pros

Fairy Flowers Geraniums by deerpath

DarklingWear by Netherworks

Mehndi's Magick Flocks by Mehndi

Mystic Places and Poses by DM Productions

Style N Move for Paradise Hair by Eowyn and PaulaK



Codeman's Butterfly Collection



Victoria 3, Faerie, Gremlin, Butterflyfish, Angelfish, Songbird, House Mouse, BombshellV3: Long Conforming Hair, Toonimal Puppy, V3/SP Wild and Messy Conforming Haircut, V3 Morphing Fantasy Dress, Butterfly Top, Millennium Cat, Sea Hatchling, Multiplane Cyclorama, V3 Ultra Catsuit, Witch Hazel, Charger, Charger Fantasy Tack, Garden Temple II, Subdividing MAT House Mouse Clothing, Magik Poseable and Conforming FX Figures, V3 Hooded Cloak, Second Skin Jeans and Tops Textures for V3/SP, Fit to be Tied, 3D Universe Pixie, Millennium Horse, Millenium Environment, Painted Valley, Millennium Unicorn, High Fantasy Textures, Graveyard, On a Certain Night

Millennium Dog, Classic Cats Combo by Laurie S and Lisa Buckalew

Aspen by Mahna and TiffT785

SS Hatchling Maps, Songbird Mappack, SS Toonimal Puppy Mappk, P4 Horse Textures, SS MFDress MAP Pak Vol. 2 by Silverleif Studios

Butterfly Kisses by Dmblnd

Bridal Dress Design Kit for V3 by Moyra

Koshini, Krystal, Kiki, Elf Queen by Lady Littlefox

Nightmares Expansion by Secretheart and Sarsa

Zoo! Stampede Expansion, Zoo! Barnyard Expansion by Gareee

Crow, Macaw and Cockatiel by Noggin

Bat by Debra Ross



Caroline for Koshini by Melory

20 Textures for the Daz Charger by solarisonline

Christmas Tree with decorations - 2003 version for Poser 4 by Orio

3Dream Pony Tail and Paradise Hair by 3Dream



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